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How The EU Should Frame An Approach To Afghan Refugees

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Tolonews, 13 June 2017

AAN’s reporting about the situation of Afghan refugees in Europe and particularly on the Balkans has been picked up in an opinion piece on one of Afghanistan’s leading news channels:

n 2015, about 200,000 Afghans – who according to the interviews conducted by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) were mainly young men travelling alone along the land gateway known as Balkan route that goes from Turkey to Europe via the Aegean Sea and Greece – were amongst those seeking a new beginning in the “old continent”. (…) [As a result of the EU-Turkey deal] In particular, Afghan migrants who had been largely reliant on the Balkan corridor were amongst the worst hit: as reported by the AAN, thousands of them got stuck in the makeshift refugee camps of the Balkan states and Turkey and entered a stalemate made unbearable by the coming of winter. {…) As reported by the AAN, after the agreement was reached last October, 580 Afghans were sent back to their country of origin and many more forced deportations are likely to be observed this year.