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How Islamic State is expanding its empire of terror

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The Observer, 21 February 2015

Looking at the expansion of IS beyond Iraq and Syria, on Afghanistan, AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted here:

“In practice, the IS groups in Helmand and Farah have not been involved (so far) in actions that resemble the brutality or sectarianism of the mainstream Isis,” said Borhan Osman, who has researched the group for the Afghanistan Analyst Network, and pointed out the theological disputes.

[…] “Launching a militant offshoot in an unfamiliar land is one thing, seeing it grow into a solid force and sustaining it is another,” Osman wrote, in a recent paper about the group, that warned against exaggeration. “Afghanistan and Pakistan are a long way from the group’s heartland and it may have miscalculated its appeal.”