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Ghani Hopes Makeover Leads To Afghan Election Victory

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Radio Free Europe/Radio LIberty, 10 March 2014

In this protrait of presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani, AAN's Kate Clark is quotes as saying:

"We've noticed this time that he has embraced his Pashtun and tribal identity," Clark says. "He's hoping that will enable him to reach out to rural Pashtuns because he will present himself as someone who looks, sounds, and acts like one of them." She called Ghani's choice of Dostum as vice-presidential candidate a contentious but also wise choice, as it will secure him a large voting bloc. "He [Ghani] didn't win in 2009; he came nowhere close, so I think he has accepted that in order to become president he has to work with all sorts of political and armed actors in Afghanistan."


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