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General acknowledges US airstrike on Kunduz hospital was ‘direct result of human error’

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Stars and Stripes, 25 November 2015

In this article about the US investigation report about the bombing of a clinic in Kunduz, AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted as saying:

Kate Clark, a researcher with the Afghan Analysts Network, said Wednesday’s briefing only raised more questions about the American rules of engagement in Afghanistan, which Schoffner said some of those involved did not follow.

“All those rules of engagement take into account the Geneva Conventions, and they are there partly to ensure that U.S. forces don’t breach those conventions and commit war crimes,” she said. “So if you’re not following your rules of engagement you may well be in serious trouble, because it’s not just a war crime to target a hospital, it’s also a war crime not to take precautions to protect civilians.”