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Fear, Fatigue Could Undermine Afghan Presidential Vote

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 23 September 2019

Quotes from AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili and AAN research in this pre-election article:

Ali Adili, a researcher at the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), an independent think tank in Kabul, predicts a low turnout because of “insecurity, uninspiring election campaigns by the candidates, and a lack of confidence in the election-management bodies whose credibility has been undermined by previous fraudulent elections.” (…) “A low turnout may call into question the inclusiveness and legitimacy of the election,” Adili says.

The AAN think tank says in a report issued on September 16 that “necessary electoral reform has remained embryonic, making the coming election as problem-ridden as the previous ones, with electoral institutions widely considered non-credible and partial.”