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Fall of Kunduz reveals Afghanistan’s security gaps

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Al Jazeera America, 30 September 2015

AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted here about Afghan government response and challenges it will face in recapturing Kunduz:

“The [Afghan] government has, unsurprisingly, announced its commitment to recapture Kunduz. It seems entirely likely it can do this, but it will come at great cost to its own forces and to civilians,” Borhan Osman, an Afghan expert with research institute Afghanistan Analysts Network, wrote Tuesday on the organization’s website. “In addition to the loss of lives and the damage to property, civilians are unlikely to regain their confidence in the government’s ability to protect its population.”

“Kunduz is not a perfect microcosm of government’s ineffectiveness nationally,” wrote Osman of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. “But it has revealed what may be deepening fault lines.”