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Explainer: Why There Are Two Competing Tracks For Afghan Peace

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 7 February 2019

Some quotes from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the Moscow-sponsored talks between the Taleban and various Afghan factions, excluding the Afghan government:

Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent think tank in Kabul, says the Russian peace talks are fueled by “Russian political sniping against the [United States].” (…)

Ruttig says for Moscow not to include the Afghan government was an “affront” and has the strong feel of election campaigning and Russia taking sides.

“A united ‘Kabul camp’ would be better [for talks with the Taleban], but maybe this is an illusion anyway,” says Ruttig. “But [unity] was clearly not the desire of the Russian government: this is divide and interfere.” (…) Ruttig says Moscow’s role is another assertion that it is “back in the strategic game.”