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Experts dispute upbeat views on Afghan fight

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Stars and Stripes, 19 February 2015

“Despite these signs of potential instability, military leaders and politicians continue to portray Afghanistan as a country making steady progress. That can have damaging consequences, experts say,” the newspaper writes. ‘The overly positive assessments are repeated so often that the leaders in the military and civilian world start to believe it,’ said Thomas Ruttig, who served as a German diplomat and U.N. official in Afghanistan and is now co-director of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network. ‘If you don’t talk about the problems, you can’t solve the problems.’ […]

‘In the beginning [after 2001], you were getting very optimistic reports from them, but the insurgency is still there and in most of the areas, you cannot conclude it has been significantly weakened,’ Ruttig said.

[…R]hetoric about improvements in the economy, health care, and other social indicators obscure looming crises, such as the massive loss of jobs that has come with international militaries and civilian organizations scaling back efforts, Ruttig said. ‘There’s a lot of social dynamite piling up,’ he said.”