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Ein Jahr Afghanistan unter den Taliban: Ideologie statt Pragmatismus

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Tageszeitung, 13 August 2022

In this weekend issue of the Berlin-based daily, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks back at one year of the second Taleban regime in Afghanistan (in German). He concludes:

So far, the Taliban have been “still dominated by the ideology of pragmatism,” as the Afghan journalist Fazelminullah Qazizai writes. (…)
It is unclear whether and when their leadership will understand that the exclusion of women and girls from large areas of public life is incompatible with the world of the 21st century. Her secret is where doctors and teachers are supposed to come from if there are no young women entering the universities any more.

If the Taliban fail to at least partially normalize their relationship with the West, this, together with the worsening cyclical drought, could lead to a permanent crisis. If they don’t find any solutions to the economic crisis in the medium term, those parts of the population that have given them credit for ending the war by forcing the West’s troop withdrawal, or who are still afraid to keep quiet or adapt, could turn against them.