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Donald Trump has three choices in Afghanistan: stalemate, failure, or sending in more troops

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ABC Australia, 21 March 2017

AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here, as one of a number of analysts, on options for an Afghanistan policy under president Trump:

Kate Clark, from the Afghan[istan] Analysts Network, says Afghanistan would fail if Mr Trump were to cut aid.

“Clearly, if international funding — especially to the military but to the state in general — were cut, it is difficult to see the state surviving in its current form,” she said. (…)

Afghans naturally fear the vacuum that total withdrawal would create, so are keen to highlight the risk of IS gaining a toehold there, said Ms Clark from the Afghan Analysts Network.

“The [Afghan] Government likes to overplay Daesh [IS] because it’s useful for getting international financial and military support,” she said.