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Die Rache der Taliban

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Süddeutsche Zeitung, 27 December 2022

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted here extensively on the current situation in Afghanistan and particularly on aid delivery.

Afghanistan expert Thomas Ruttig has identified a “victory frenzy” among the Taliban. After their success over the Western troops and the overthrow of the government of President Ashraf Ghani, the feeling has spread among the Islamists that they have not only brought the superpower USA and its allies to their knees diplomatically and militarily, but also ideologically. “The Taliban believe that Islam and the values they live by have prevailed, and they see themselves as legitimised to now impose their version of religion on the Afghans.”
From Ruttig’s perspective, the Taliban present a contradictory picture. They have a tighter grip on the country than any other government in the past 40 years. “There is no organised opposition, no framework in which resistance has formed on a large scale.” The Taliban have established themselves as a government with power through repression. The security situation has improved for Afghans under her rule since the end of the war. “What the Taliban don’t have under control is the economy and the social situation, which cannot be blamed solely on them, but they also don’t seek a compromise with the West to improve the situation,” says Ruttig.
However, the expert who works for the Afghanistan Analysts Network emphasizes: “Of course, at the same time the security situation has worsened for those Afghans who are being persecuted by the Taliban because they have a different view of life or society.” The ban on studying for women and banning Afghan women from working for non-governmental organisations that has now been enacted looks like “part of revenge against these people and endangers the lives of millions of people in Afghanistan who already live in poverty or close to it,” says Ruttig.