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Afghan election a ‘good sign’, says Berlin

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Deutsche Welle, 4 April 2014

In the article on the German political parties' first assessments of the Afghan elections, also AAN's Thomas Ruttig is quoted as saying that the failure of the Taleban to significantly disturb the election day can be interpreted as weakness but also as an attempt not to seek confrontation with the prospective winner as well as an attempt of targetting the election process but not the voters (German version here):

"The low levels of violence during this election could signify that the Taliban has been weakened," said Thomas Ruttig, of the Afghan Analysts Network. It could also be a strategic move, however. In the Taliban's eyes, it is not the people of Afghanistan who are the enemy, but rather the West and any government in Kabul willing to cooperate with western governments. By allowing these elections to go smoothly, the Taliban could also be keeping the option open of cooperating with the incoming Afghan government.

The future president must hold to international agreements, said Ruttig. It is of utmost importance that human rights – in particular the rights of women – continue to be protected. Too many of those close to Karzai had worked to counteract the recent steps taken by Afghanistan in the direction of democracy, Ruttig concluded.






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