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Das Wahlchaos geht weiter (not online yet)

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Tageszeitung (Berlin), 31 July 2014

Article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig describing latest developments in the Afghan post-election process, including the third stop of the audit, continuing lack of agreement about criteria between the two candidates and UN attempts to find a way out, and some outcomes of the impass: demonstrations by journalists against the long process and economic setbacks. “Kabul’s election mess is a result of short and long term factors. Kerry apparently failed to understand [in the mid-July agreement brokered by him] that, in a technical exercise like a re-count, the devil is in the detail. What weights heavier: grave mistakes were committed in the reconstruction of the Afghan state under international supervision after 2001. Governments in the West allowed Karzai to create a facade democracy with too weak and, more importantly, not independent institutions which are unable to solve [such political] crises on their own. Karzai’s course of ‘afghanising’ not only the election institutions, and his demonisation of the UN and the foreigners in general, have lead into a cul-de-sac. This shows that the Kabul government is not yet able to organise legitimate elections on its own.”