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Dances With Warlords: Karzai’s Latest Grist for the Presidential Rumor Mill

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Institute for the Study of War, 23 August 2013

Article on the possible presidential candidates and the likelihood of Abdulrab Sayyaf running, refers to a recent dispatch by AAN’s Martine van Bijlert:

“Fahim’s concern with deflecting criticism touches upon another key line in Sayyaf’s proposal. The notion of legal immunity for former officials, in particular the mujahideen, has been a political trope of Sayyaf’s for years, but it is one that is likely to go over particularly well with the current administration as transition approaches. Martine van Bijlert of the Afghan Analysts Network [sic] aptly notes that the reasons these northern warlords consistently invoke the notion of “mujahideen solidarity” have as much to do with defending one another against potential legal and criminal retributions for past crimes as they are about securing political power, sinecures, and other forms of patronage.”