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China moving into Afghanistan for oil, natural gas, and lithium

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Washington Examiner, 6 February 2024

This article reports a recent SIGAR report saying that “China is sliding in[to Afghanistan after the US withdrawal] with its eyes on the war-torn country’s natural resources” and “being welcomed with open arms by the ruling Taliban government.”

It also quotes from a recent AAN report by Thomas Ruttig, cited in the SIGAR report, saying:

“A recent Afghanistan Analysts Network analysis of the Chinese-Taliban relationship raised some questions over the recent Chinese investment agreements with the Taliban. The report noted that Afghanistan has had a long history of exploiting its gas resources since mid-20th century,” the audit delivered to Congress last week said.

“Specifically, the analysis pointed to the familiar question of whether ‘the Chinese government is pursuing real economic interests’ in Afghanistan, or merely using these economic deals to incentivize the Taliban ‘to play along with its security interests,’” it added.