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Chances For Peace In Afghanistan Recede As Deadly Taliban Attacks Spiral

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Gandhara (RFE/RL), 12 May 2021

In this article which supposes that the Taleban are “creating the illusion that it remains committed to the peace process to gain further concessions from the United States”, AAN’s Ali Adili is quoted as saying:

“The Taliban realizes that if it officially announces a spring offensive it would formalize the intensification of its violence and it could therefore be blamed for spoiling the so-called peace process,” says Ali Adili, a researcher at the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent think tank in Kabul.

“The Taliban is trying to secure the release of 7,000 of its prisoners in Afghanistan and the removal of Taliban leaders from U.S. and UN sanctions blacklists,” adds Adili. “Therefore, it continues to assert that it has remained committed to the U.S.-Taliban deal.” (…)

And on the Eid ceasefire:

“The Taliban usually reduces violence during Eid holidays to allow its fighters some respite from fighting,” says Adili. “The decision is also a response to growing regional and international pressure on the Taliban to de-intensify violence.” (…)

“The Taliban will try to test actors on all levels — domestic, regional, and international — by continuing their aggressive attacks,” says Adili. “The Taliban could be seeking to further strengthen its hand in the still-hoped-for grand peace conference in Turkey.”