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Can the Taliban make a comeback?

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Deutsche Welle, 16 April 2014

AAN's Kate Clark is quoted here with a look at the internal evolution of the Taleban:

Afghanistan expert Kate Clark believes the Taliban, in many ways, behave much worse as a fighting force in opposition than they did while in power. "They were an organized, largely disciplined force, although one which sometimes resorted to very serious war crimes. In opposition, they target and kill civilians every day and believe they have the right to do so," the member of Afghanistan Analyst Network, a Kabul-based research group, told DW. …

According to Clark, much of the support the group received grew early in the 2000s due to "very poor predatory government or bad behavior by foreign forces." She believes this backing is falling now and that "the majority of Afghan people are not interested in the Taliban coming back as a government."

"I think Afghanistan is changing year by year and it is changing in ways that make it more and more unlikely for the Taliban to come to power."