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Bundeswehrabzug aus Afghanistan: Alle Macht den Terror-Milizen?

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ARD (German TV), 17 October 2013

The WDR’s investigative TV magazine “Monitor” looks into the German withdrawal from Kunduz and the ALP militias left behind. It gets the official statement of defence minister de Maiziere that Germany “neither participated in the establishment, equipment nor training of the ALP” while ALP leader Nabi Gechi confirms that Germans and Americans had paid him for one and a half years and German army officers on the ground speak enthusiastically about their cooperation  with the ALP.

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in the report:

„The ALP have a free hand to do whatever they want in their areas in practice because no one there can effectively controll them. The interior ministry in Kabul is far away. And the civlian population suffers.“

Here a transcript of the most important quotes and full video (in German).


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