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As Karzai Visits U.S., What Are The Prospects For Afghan Peace?

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PBS/WLRN Miami, 7 January 2013
In a report about the forthcoming US visit of President Karzai, prospects for peace talks are discussed and AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted as saying: ‘I think peace is possible here.’ She says that one of the main challenges is that there are so many players — the U.S., the other NATO counties, Pakistan, the Taliban, the Afghan opposition and the Karzai government. And each has its own interests and needs to come away with some sort of victory they can take back to their respective constituencies. ‘It’s messy. It’s really messy and, I think, to get beyond that requires a level of political seriousness that we have yet to see amongst the big players. Up until now, they’ve mainly been serious about waging war.’


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