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Angriff der Taliban auf die Kinder

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Märkische Allgemeine und Kölner Nachrichten, 17 December 2014 (nicht online)

Short interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the attack of Pakistani Taleban on a school in Peshawar, mainly saying that Pakistan’s Taleban see the Pakistani army as their main enemy and do not care about civilian casualties when attacking it (the school is run by the military); that such attacks, despite their ugliness, are more propaganda then military actions as they are to spread fear and terror but cannot win a war; that the Taleban justify hem with the ongoing Pakistani military offensive in Waziristan and civilian casualties caused by this operation; and that such attacks alone do not threaten Pakistan’s overall security . He also warns against interpreting this attack as a new trend and against playing up the threat of militant Islamism in out own countries.