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Analysts: Taliban attacks aim to strengthen position ahead of talks

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Stars and Stripes, 5 January 2016

AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted on this analysis of the Taleban’s recent series of attacks and their fighting capabilities in general:

“It already has raised a lot of concerns about the Afghan forces’ ability to fight on so many fronts,” said Borhan Osman, a researcher with the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network. “They are already overstretched.” (…)

 A more disconcerting reason for the uptick in violence is that the Taliban are confident enough to act more like a conventional army rather than relying on guerrilla tactics that have defined much of the war, Osman said. Fighters now mass to take territory they feel they can defend and are less willing to cede those gains over winter.

“After the drawdown of the international forces, the fighting has shifted from a hit-and-run approach to a more conventional warfare where there are sort of established lines of territory control,” he said. “It is essential for the Taliban to keep an active presence in order to hold a territory it has captured.”