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Afghans face pivotal moment as US prepares to ‘close the book’

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BBC, 14 April 2021

AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted in an article by the BBC’s Chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet, about US President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan by 11 September 2021.

“The Taliban leadership has shown no sign of wanting peace, and every sign of wanting to pursue a route to power through war,” assesses Kate Clark, Co-Director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

The traditional “fighting season” looms amid reports of a blistering Taliban campaign in store; Afghan government forces are also braced for battle.

“Who preserves the gains of the last 20 years if there’s worsening civil war or where the Taliban capture territory?” asks Clark. “Where there’s conflict, freedoms evaporate; where the Taliban rule they are as authoritarian as before, and few girls go to school above primary age in Taliban-controlled areas.”