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Afghanistan’s tumultuous year and uncertain future

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France 24, 30 November 2021

AAN’s Kate Clark is extensively quotes in this article on the circumstances and consequences of the Taleban takeover as well as the current socio-economic crisis in Afghanistan:

“The consequences of the takeover were calamitous and immediate,” Kate Clark wrote in a special report for the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN).

The Taliban, she argued, “had no plans for how they would run the Afghan state without aid, an entirely predictable outcome of their decision to push for a military victory”.

“In opposition, they taxed the population under their control effectively, but were able to leave public services entirely up to the government, NGOs and ultimately donors,” Clark added.

“Now, in power… (they) find government revenues greatly reduced and they have an entire population to look after.”


“If all the assistance goes to the poorest and most needy without discrimination –- a very tall order -– it would still make it easier for the Taliban to focus their resources on strengthening their control of the state,” Clark wrote for AAN.


“The economic benefits flowing from the peace will still only be marginal nationally compared to the harm done by the absolute loss in foreign income and the isolation Afghanistan now faces,” said Clark.