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Afghanistan’s press freedom is threatened. Meet the young journalists fighting for it

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Reuters, 13 April 2021

AAN’s Ali Adili is quoted in this analysis of the Afghan media under threat:

Ali Ya[w]ar Adili, researcher at Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent policy research organisation, calls the post-2001 era “a radical transformation of the country when every single aspect saw a change.” (…) Between 2001 and 2014, the media slowly earned the trust of the people, according to researcher Adili. “People began to look to the media not only for information, but to shape their socio-political views,” he says. (…)

What is important to note, according to Adili, is the age difference in media owners. “Most of the modern independent journalism platforms are owned and led by young people,” he says, indicating that the passion with which they approach their work makes a real difference.