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Afghanistan Turns a Political Corner

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IPS, 17 Aril 2014

"The Afghanistan presidential election is turning out to be a tale of two narratives. The more positive and democratic one could be winning the day", writes IPS's Giuliano Battiston, and quotes from one of Martine van Bijlert's AAN dispatches, more on the cautious side: 

“Nobody really knows how many voters there are, how many of them hold a voter card, or how many of the ballots cast will turn out to have really been linked to voters,” writes Martine Van Bijlert, co-director of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network.

In the more insecure areas, elections were neither transparent nor accountable, says Van Bijlert. “Alongside a robust, genuine and determined vote, there are indications of significant irregularities: old patterns of intimidation, ballot-stuffing, and ‘ghost polling stations’ in remote and insecure areas.”


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