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‘Afghanistan loses UN voting rights over Unpaid $900k membership fees’

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Times of India, 24 May 2024

This article quotes from AAN research on the current status of Afghanistan’s seat at the UN:

The situation raises questions about the Taliban’s potential involvement in settling the outstanding payment to gain international recognition. However, as Thomas Ruttig, co-founder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, noted last December, “On balance, and based on the body of UN resolutions and repeated calls by member states for an inclusive government and respect for human rights, especially those of women and girls, it could be surmised that it’s because states do not consider the Emirate [the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban’s name for the country] legitimate that they have rebuffed its attempts to be recognised and admitted to the United Nations.”

It also contains two interesting facts: first, that – in contrast to other countries owing fees who have successfully explained their situation – “Afghanistan’s explanations have so far been deemed ‘inadequate'” by the UN, and secondly, former vice president and head of Afghanistan’s intelligence service, Amrullah Saleh, had offered to pay the arrears. From which money, one wonders.