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Afghanistan, After the War Boom

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The New Yorker (blog), 13 November 2013

“This year, Afghanistan’s GDP is expected to grow 3.7 per cent, down from growth of twelve per cent in 2012, according to a projection by the World Bank”, writes May Jeong and visits Kabul to find out about Afghanistan’s post-2014 economic future, in the light of the current foreign money flow-induced bubble economy. She quotes AAN’s Kate Clark:

“The thing about a bubble is that it bursts,” Kate Clark, a senior analyst with the Afghanistan Analysts Network, said. “Some things you don’t lose, like education or aspiration,” Clark said. But she wonders what will happen to the young men and women who have reaped the benefits of the past decade and gotten used to comfortable lives replete with education and employment opportunities. “Particularly when you have so many young men out in the job market like we have now, I think there is going to be trouble ahead,” she told me.


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