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Afghan president in last-ditch attempt to repair ties with Pakistan

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The Guardian, 13 August 2015

AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here:

“He’s [Ghani] gambled a lot, but with very little to show for it so far, and almost all of his political capital is used up on this side of the border,” said Kate Clark from the Afghanistan Analysts Network, adding that Pakistan would probably struggle to allay Afghan suspicion without taking direct action against Taliban insurgents.

Clark said: “They [the Kabul government] have been given reassurances before, and come back with security cooperation agreements before, and little has changed. That may be one of the problems this time. The normal things have been tried with no success.” (…)

Clark said: “As one senior Afghan official said, Afghanistan and Pakistan don’t have an ‘exit strategy’ from each other. It’s not like they can go home. They are neighbours and they have to live with each other.”