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Afghan courts said these ex-US detainees should be freed. Why weren’t they?

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Washington Post, 11 February 2016

Three non-Afghan men continue to languish in what was a US-run prison at Bagram air base and has now been handed over to Afghan authorities – and although the country’s highest courts have agreed they should be freed. In the text, AAN’s Kate Clark’s research on the subject is quoted:

… about a year ago, Kate Clark, a researcher and director of the Afghan Analysts Network, uncovered U.S. case files containing allegations that the brothers had confessed to membership in the Islamic Movement of Turkestan.

(…) According to Clark, of the Afghan Analysts Network, U.S. authorities allege that [one of the prisoners] then admitted to being a member of the Islamic Jihad Union and assisting foreign fighters in Afghanistan. But Afghan courts have repeatedly ruled there was not enough evidence to suggest that Akhmadjanov … had done anything illegal in Afghanistan.