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AAN In The Media – May 2010

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Zu wenig, reichlich spät – Stabilisierungsmaßnahmen in Afghanistan zwischen Terrorismus- und Aufstandsbekämpfung
Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte (Bonn), 21-22/2010
This contribution to a weekly newspaper supplement of 7 articles on Pakistan and Afghanistan, discusses how much the new Obama/McChrystal strategy really represents a strategic shift (in German, avaibale on the web from 22 May onwards).

Talking to the Taliban
Guardian Weekly, 21 May 2010
In this long analytical piece by Jonathan Steele, our member Anders Faenge says that the Taleban never should have been portrayed in black-and-white terms and talks about his and the Swedish Committee’s experience with their girls’ schools and helpful Taleban offcials. The original text (with a slightly different headline appeared in the daily Guardian on 4 May already.)

Letter from Afghanistan: War by Other Means
The New Yorker, 24 May 2010
In this article on Afghan ‘reconciliation’ efforts by Steve Coll, Thomas Ruttig is quoted on chances and obstacles (full article subscribers only).

Assaut taliban sur la plus grande base d’Afghanistan (Taliban attack on largest base of Afghanistan)
Liberation, 20 May 2010
Martine van Bijlert on the Taliban attack on Bagram airfield.

An outsider inside Afghanistan who “gets it”
South Asia Wired, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 20 May 2010
Interview with Martine van Bijlert (audio).

Peace moves may come to nothing in Afghanistan
Reuters, 13 May 2010
In this Reuters analysis, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and AAN author Matt Waldman are quoted on the chances on reconciliation which are hampered by mistrust and by the lack of understanding that the Kabul government and its allies can not drive the process because they are a party in it.

Distrust of Afghan Leaders Threatens U.S. War Strategy 
New York Times, 13 May 2010
In an article about the US strategy in Afghanistan, Thomas Ruttig is quoted on the complexities of Afghan tribal society: “One of my Afghan friends always says, ‘You want a shura, I can organize one for you in 24 hours,’ ” said Thomas Ruttig, a former German diplomat in Kabul and an expert on the country who founded the Afghanistan Analysts Network. “The problem is, do you have the right people? “When you give out money, you might end up supporting one side in a local conflict — and not realizing that it’s roulette,” Mr. Ruttig said.

Informal meeting of RC North Defence Ministers in Berlin
Deutschlandfunk, 11 May 2010
The German radio station interviewed Thomas Ruttig on the troop increase in Northern Afghanistan and NATO’s general strategy (no web link available).

Afghanistan Grapples with “Honor Rape”
The Media Line, 9 May 2010
Martine van Bijlert comments on the ‘honour rape’ case in Jowzjan and cautions against jumping to conclusions.

CFC Governance Report April 2010
Civilian-Military Fusion Centre, issue 05/10, 1 May 2010
Monthly report on governance developments quotes Martine van Bijlert’s blog on the new electoral law: the Wolesi Jirga seems to have “lost the battle” with the Upper House and the presidential office as the changes were enacted without parliament’s approval.

Comparing Soviet and US-led statebuilding in Afghanistan
Denkwürdigkeiten, no. 64, May 2010
The journal of the (German) Political-Military Society published the executive summary of the AAN report by Martin Kipping who compared the Soviet and current approaches to state-building in Afghanistan


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