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AAN In The Media – April 2010

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It takes the Villages
Foreign Affairs, May/June 2010
Seth Jones quotes from publications by AAN members Antonio Giustozzi and Martine van Bijlert.

Britain’s Forged Role in the World, 26 April 2010
This brief discussion of Britain’s role in the world mentions AAN’s recent report on reintegration, describing it as “highly critical of the British-backed Peace and Reconciliation Scheme (PTS), established in 2005, which it says has been left to flounder under bad leadership with neither the political nor the financial capital it required”.

On tipping points and Taliban talks
Reuters Afghan Journal, 25 April 2010
Blog on talking with the Taliban refers to Martine van Bijlert’s blog on Kandahar in relation with “the latest spate of negative press reporting about the forthcoming offensive in Kandahar”.

Electricity is the new Government in a Box
Democracy and Society (blog), 23 April 2010
Writer quotes Martine van Bijlert’s recent blog on Kandahar, remarking that it probably made her win the competitoin in the ‘pessimism about Afghanistan department’.

Korangal, and Karzai
Huffington Post, 22 April 2010
Blog by Nick Mills quotes Martine van Bijlert on Karzai’s recent outbursts which signal “to the Parliament that he is seriously upset and that they need to mend their ways; to the international actors, that he really minds that they keep meddling in his affairs; to the population that he is their president and that he has a mind of his own; and to the insurgency that he is closer to them than they think.”

Pakistan Militants Find New Haven
Huffington Post, 22 April 2010
This overview picks up Martine van Bijlert’s blog on Kandahar under the heading ‘gloomy news from Kandahar’.

Taleban defectors ‘are rejoining insurgency’
Times Online, 22 April 2010
AAN’s newly released paper ‘Golden Surrender?’ is described as a ‘scathing report on reintegration’ in this Times Online article. The article particularly zooms in on the finding that eight out of a batch of 33 ‘reconciled’ Taliban commanders have since then rejoined the insurgency.

Can Afghanistan President Karzai and Obama still work together? 
Christian Science Monitor, 17 April 2010
Martine van Bijlert is quoted on the relationship between Karzai and Obama: “Karzai feels he’s hostage to the internationals, and they feel they are hostage to him. So you have this frustration on both sides,” (…) “It’s been like that for a long time, and it seems to be getting worse.”

NATO aims to fight Afghan crooks — without naming them
Reuters, 15 April 2010
Article quotes Martine van Bijlert: “The military very much sees governance as service delivery, but in the eyes of Afghans, in the first place it is who holds power and what they do with it (…) People are not waiting for someone to roll out projects to impress them. They want to feel safer, and that has to do with the insurgents and with local power brokers.”

Karzais Kritik am Westen (Karzai Criticises the West)
Radio Eins (Potsdam), 7 April 2010
Live interview (in German) with Thomas Ruttig about President Karzai’s relationship with the West

Die Unberechenbarkeit des Stammespräsidenten (The Unpredictability of the Tribal President)
Frankfurter Allgemeine, 7 April 2010
Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this article (in German, subscribers only).

‘Es gibt kein Zaubermittel’ (‘There Is No Magic Wand’)
Berliner Zeitung, 7 April 2010
Thomas Ruttig in an interview (in German) about Karzai’s threat to block the upcoming Kandahar operation and about the Germans’ mistakes in North-Eastern Afghanistan where they underestimated the Taleban.

Die Marionette will nicht mehr (The Puppet Has Enough of It)
tageszeitung (Berlin), 6 April 2010
This article quotes Martine van Bijlert on Karzai’s recent speech in Kandahar. She argues that it mainly was meant to put pressure on the parliament that had rejected Karzai’s new electoral law.

Karsai geht auf Distanz zum Westen (Karzai Distances Himself from the West)
ZDF, 5 April 2010
See Thomas Ruttig quoted in ‘heute journal’ on Karzai’s Kandahar speech saying that his threat to give no green light for the planned NATO operation in Kandahar is a reply to Western pressure demanding better governance and effective measures against corruption from him.


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