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AAN Co-Director gives evidence on UK strategy towards Afghanistan to the British parliament

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Our co-director, Kate Clark, was asked to give testimony to the International Relations and Defence Committee of the UK House of Lord’s (the British parliament’s unelected second chamber). It has launched an inquiry aimed at exploring the UK’s diplomatic, military and aid strategy for Afghanistan, especially in the light of the Doha talks. The committee writes:

The Committee is seeking evidence on the prospects for the implementation of the US’s February 2020 agreement with the Taliban to withdraw forces from Afghanistan, talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and the wider geopolitics of the region.

In particular, the Committee is seeking evidence on the UK’s current and future engagement with the country in this context. It will examine the UK Government’s objectives of supporting the Afghan Government in progress towards sustainable political settlement, its support for Afghan National Security Forces, and work to build a viable Afghan state, through scrutiny of the UK’s military, diplomatic and aid polices.

Kate Clark, appeared with Shaharzad Akbar, Chairperson of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and Hameed Hakimi, Research Associate, Asia-Pacific Programme, Chatham House. Their hour-long session was followed by one with head of UNAMA, Deborah Lyons.

Both sessions were broadcast live and can be watched here.


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