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A New Era? Afghan Presidential Hopefuls Court Women’s Vote

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NPR, 3 April 2014

AAN's Martine van Bijlert is quoted on the Afghan women's vote and methods to rig it here:

And as … Afghanistan expert Martine Van Bijlert … argue[s], many female voters who do vote don't end up voting for the candidate they personally prefer. "It's not a given actually that women will necessarily vote differently from their men," Van Bijlert says — especially rural women who are still largely illiterate and subject to tribal or family pressure.

Van Bijlert also says that even if female turnout is high on paper, it doesn't mean all of them came out to vote. There is an illegal practice, especially in the conservative and violent parts of the country, where men cast proxy votes. "Basically men coming in with large bags of voter cards for women, and voting en masse for the women of their family or for whoever," she says. It's one of the common forms of election fraud in Afghanistan.


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