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A 3-Step Exit Strategy for Afghanistan

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The National Interest, 22 February 2018

Stating that “Trump’s military strategy has even less chance to succeed than the failed strategies of Presidents Bush and Obama before him”, Daniel L. Davis,  senior fellow for Defense Priorities and a former lieutenant colonel in the US Army, argues that a “clean break to a strong new policy” in Afghanistan was necessary. He suggests three steps, including a phased withdrawal of US combat troops.

In his analytical parts he quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig:

Longtime Afghan analyst Thomas Ruttig presciently foresaw such an attack [the ambulance attack] in an analysis published just three days before the explosion. [Well, he said that he expects an intensification of violence by all sides…]

Lamenting that 2017 had been a “lost year” for peace talks in Afghanistan, he said there was “not much light at the end of the tunnel for 2018. A political breakthrough is not on the horizon.” Instead, he warned that “a new military escalation is already underway and this is likely to intensify.”