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6 Things We’ll Be Watching During Afghanistan’s Election

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Huffington Post, 4 April 2014

Under point 2 (A long history of vote-rigging), the website quotes Martine van Bijlert's AAN pre-election piece:

Authorities have vowed that this year's election process won't show the same disruptions, introducing several measures to increase accountability, improve counting and trace ballots more accurately. However, as Martine Van Bijlert, co-directer of the Afghanistan Analyst network, explains in a blog for the Council on Foreign Relations: the odds don't favor clean elections. "The political stakes are high, institutions are both partial and divided, and campaigns have co-opted electoral staff. Insecurity facilitates gross interference in large parts of the country, and the excessive distribution of voter cards (twenty-one million cards have been distributed for about thirteen million eligible voters) encourages fraud," she writes.


Elections fraud