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Framework for peace will need to convince Afghan people and Taliban

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Stars and Stripes, 19 January 2016

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted twice here about the latest quadrilateral peace (or better: preparatory) talks in Islamabad, the first one reacting to a question about foreign minister Rabbani’s statement that that “the Afghan public will not accept an open-ended process”:

Thomas Ruttig, co-founder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, urged patience but said that there would be pressure on President Ashraf Ghani to deliver on his pledge to bring peace to the country.

“In a way it’s a little optimistic to talk about such talks not being open-ended when they have not started yet,” he said. “On the other hand, it’s also understandable. Afghanistan’s population needs results, needs peace, and peace is also the No. 1 requirement for President Ghani’s government program of enhancing the Afghan economy so Afghanistan can stand on its own.” (…)

Aside from the need to convince insurgent group’s to participate, it will be equally important for the Afghan government to find a national consensus on what represents an acceptable peace deal, Ruttig said.

“Afghans themselves individually must make up their mind about what they want,” he said. “Yes, they want peace, but do they want the Taliban to come back as part of a future government?”

The latter quote has been shortened a little by the paper; it was said that many Afghans want peace, but not the Taleban back in government (even in a power-sharing agreement) – and that it possibly will be difficult to have both.