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مصاحبه در مورد اختطاف 30 تن در شاهراه کابل – قندهار

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Radio Azadi, 25 February 2015

AAN’s Qayoum Suroush in an interview with Radio Azadi about the abduction of 30 Hazara bus passengers in Zabul province:

Q: It is said that the Taliban are for the peace talks, but what such events means?

A: It could have two meaning; but first, it should be clear that who the group behind such events are. If it is Taliban, which is not impossible and we have example of that in the past, this shows that they are not ready for the peace talks yet. But if the group is who claim to be Daesh or supporters of the group, it is alter for whole Afghanistan and peace talks do not have any meaning.

Q: While the peace talks are going on, is the event related to the peace talk?

A: Apparently, there is no link with the peace talks because there are no official peace talks. But if it is the Taliban, it might mean to pressure the government to step up for peace talks. But first of all, it should be clear that who the group behind the kidnapped are.

Q: What challenges such incidents will raise for the Afghanistan security forces?

A: The Kabul-Kandahar road has been unsecure for years. So the Afghan security forces are not unaware of such incidents. The Afghan security should able to secure one of the most important roads of the country. And if they could secure, that shows they are week. Such incidents should alter them to improve the security of road and if they cannot secure the road, how they can secure the district road.