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رویارویی طالبان و داعش؟ (Conflict between the Taleban and Daesh?)

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BBC (Persian service), 25 June 2015

BBC’s Harun Najafizada, writes, based on an interview with AAN’s Borhan Osman:

“The Taleban’s sending of letter to IS publicly was out of getting tired with the rise of fighters identifying with IS in the east, especially after the killing of the Taleban’s shadow governor for Nangarhar, which has been most likely the act of IS. By sending the letter, the Taliban wanted to give IS the final warning before taking a harsh action against its fighters….

It is unlikely for IS to become a bigger threat than the Taleban. The Taleban has been mainly an indigenous movement, a legacy of the anti-Soviet jihad, who has support in parts of society. In contrast, it is difficult for IS to secure support of local communities in Afghanistan.”