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Policing Public Morality: Debates on promoting virtue and preventing vice in the Taleban’s second Emirate

The Taleban’s ‘religious police’ are back in force, leaving many Afghans fearing a return to the notorious brutalities of the Taleban’s 1990s Amr bil-Maruf ministry. Yet, two decades on, argues guest author Sabawoon Samim* (with input from Roxanna Shapour), Taleban views on the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice have evolved, as has Afghan […]

Sabawoon Samim Rights and Freedoms

Warlords, Religious Leaders, Insurgents: Three external publications

  For the London-based Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Thomas Ruttig analysed the relationship between Islamic religion and politics in Afghanistan through the phases of internal conflict over modernisation and armed conflict, starting with the 1970s. He starts with the analysis that Afghan society, before the Soviet occupation, was religiously conservative, with liberal urban enclaves and […]

Thomas Ruttig External publications

Regime Change, Economic Decline and No Legal Protection: What has happened to the Afghan media?

The Taleban takeover of Afghanistan delivered a devastating blow to one of the Republic’s few achievements – freedom of expression and a vibrant media sector. Since the fall of the Republic, nearly half of Afghanistan’s media outlets have closed and thousands of Afghan journalists and media workers have either left the country, lost their jobs, […]

Ehsan Qaane Rights and Freedoms

Translation of the biographies of the Taleban negotiation team

AAN’s translation of the biographies of the Taleban negotiation team members from the original Dari published by the Taleban here, on 12 September 2020, the same day intra-Afghan negotiations began in Doha. AAN has published biographies of the team, drawing on a wide range of sources, here. Honourable Sheikh Mawlawi Abdul Hakim Mawlawi Sheikh Abdul Hakim, son […]

AAN Peace process