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Month: July 2024

Taliban tries reconciling science and religion in facing climate change

Washington Post, 12 July 2024 Brilliant reportage by Rick Noack from Afghanistan, describing – in a series of telling quotes – the Taleban’s position(s) on climate change (they are no climate change deniers) and cleaning up the misunderstanding that not-much-educated villagers would be unable to grasp the climate crisis: … during a recent workshop (…) […]

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How to engage with the Taliban, if you have to

The New Humanitarian, 11 July 2024 An opinion piece published by Patricia Gossman, Associate director for the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, and Fereshta Abbasi, Afghanistan Researcher at that organisation, at The New Humanitarian, following the third UN-sponsored Afghanistan special envoy meeting in Doha, with (not-so-high ranking) Taleban representatives participating, while, also for the first […]

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Cholera Outbreak Hits Afghanistan Amid Natural Disasters, Crumbling Health Care

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 25 June 2024 … nearly 47,000 Afghans who have contracted cholera so far this year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). (…) At least 25 people have died of the disease so far in 2024 in Afghanistan, which has the highest number of cases in the world, according to a […]

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Muttaqi AFP

How The Emirate Wants to be Perceived: A closer look at the Accountability Programme

Martine van Bijlert

As the third anniversary of its return to power approaches, the Islamic Emirate is presumably readying itself for another round of its Accountability Programme, as it has done in the past two summers. These televised sessions, held by ministers and other senior officials in front of journalists, provide a fairly detailed overview of the Emirate’s […]

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As Taliban limits options for Afghan women, many lead secret lives online

Washington Post, 5 July 2024 The Posts reports that, “banned from secondary and higher education,” many Afghan women “attend online classes, learn foreign languages with the help of AI chatbots and e-books, and trade cryptocurrencies in the hope of becoming financially independent.” They also run businesses online. But they also worry “that these havens might be short-lived”, […]

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‘Nothing compensates for the stolen years’: the Afghan women rebuilding shattered dreams in Iran

The Guardian, 4 July 2024 Stefanie Glinski’s reportage from Iran about Afghan women going to Iran to study, saying that more than 40,000 Afghan students – most of them women – were now studying at university in Iran, according to the country’s deputy science minister for international affairs. At the same time, more than 600,000 Afghan children are […]

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