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Month: April 2024

Unbanning the Taliban: Propping up the Afghan regime to boost regional stability, Russia becomes a target for ISIS

The Insider, 29 April 2024 Analysis by Prof. Artemy M. Kalinovsky, currently at Temple University Philadelphia, on Russia’s possible plan to take the Taleban – banned ion Russia, despite open diplomatic contacts – from its list of terrorist groups, after the alleged ISKP-authored Crocus City Hall attack near Moscow. Kalinovsky writes: Cooperation with the Taliban […]

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د طالبانو ضد حوزه کې ناهمغږي [Inconsistency in the anti-Taliban camp]

Hasht-e Sobh, 10 Saur 1403 (29 April 2024) The author of this article in the Pashto version of the exile online newspaper 8am looks at the reasons of the disunity in the ranks of the military and political anti-Taleban opposition and come to the following conclusion: The political and military movements against the Taliban, which […]

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The State of Research on Afghanistan: Too many poor quality publications and some real gems

Christian Bleuer

Spanning almost 400 pages, the new edition of the Afghanistan Analysts Bibliography provides information about books, journal articles and other publications on a vast range of topics to do with Afghanistan – from ethnic groups, through war, regional relations, the security sector, development, peace-building, governance, opium, women, human rights, migration, education economics and natural resources, […]

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Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography 2024

Christian Bleuer

In its first update for five years, the Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography now covers some 8,000 titles. It is an invaluable resource for those studying and researching contemporary Afghanistan, particularly the post-1979 period. The author, Christian Bleuer, began compiling the bibliography in 2004/05 when, as a graduate student, he became increasingly frustrated with trying to find […]

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The International Criminal Court’s Afghanistan Investigation – Challenges and Constraints Assessment

Raoul Wallenberg Institute, April 2024 Here the institute’s abstract of the text: This article [by former AAN colleague Ehsan Qaane] embarks on a comprehensive analysis of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) investigation into the Afghanistan situation, marking a critical juncture in the global pursuit of justice for egregious international crimes. Amidst Afghanistan’s decades-long conflict, characterised […]

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The Durand Line and the Fence: How are communities managing with cross-border lives?

Sabawoon Samim

The Durand Line, which serves as the de facto border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, has never been officially recognised by any Kabul government. It cuts through the heart of Pashtun tribes, who share family ties, religion and traditions. For most of its existence, it made little practical difference to the lives of the people living […]

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The Rawadari Report: Targeted and Extrajudicial Killings Surge Under Taliban Rule

Hasht-e Sobh, 4 March 2024 In this article, the exiled Afghan online newspaper summarises the latest report by the well-respected human rights organisation Rawadari on the human rights situation in Afghanistan during the year 2023. It says the findings indicate that the human rights situation in Afghanistan “has deteriorated in various dimensions. The report states […]

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Listening to Women Entrepreneurs in Afghanistan: Their Struggle and Resilience

UNDP, 16 April 2924 This new UNDP report looks at the situation of women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan whose “business activities (…) were reduced significantly following the August 2021 takeover.” It is based on data collection over the last three years: in-depth interviews with 49 women entrepreneurs from six provinces in September 2022 (both licensed and […]

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The Daily Hustle: The trials and tribulations of being a street vendor in Kabul

Sayed Asadullah Sadat Roxanna Shapour

For anyone who has spent any time in Kabul, handcart sellers and street vendors are a familiar sight, as they walk around the city hawking their wares from dusk to dawn trying to eke out a meagre living for their families. Street vendors say that more and more young Afghans have been joining their ranks, […]

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Nach Anschlag bei Moskau: Die Spur zum „Islamischen Staat“ [ISKP]

Tageszeitung, 13 April 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig writes about what is known, and speculated, about the ISKP hand behind the March 2024 Moscow Crocus Hall terrorist attack, its (alleged) Tajik perpetrators and their links with the IS (in German)

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Eid has Arrived: AAN wishes all a happy Eid al-Fitr

AAN Team

Eid al-Fitr or the festival of breaking of the fast is celebrated by Muslims around the world when the citing of the moon heralds the end of Ramadan, the month-long rite of fasting. Eid al-Fitr, which is an official three-day holiday, is marked by offering traditional prayers at the mosque. Across Afghanistan, there are new […]

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Taleban i global offensiv: Vi vil stene kvinder offentligt, vi vil piske kvinder offentligt

Politiken, 3 April 2024 In this article of Danish daily Politiken, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted on a statement by the Taleban’s supreme leader that he will fight to spread Islamic Sharia, that “our war with the West is not over”, putting the Taliban’s values against democratic values and defending sharia punishments like stoning that […]

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