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Month: January 2024

The Taliban’s Neighbourhood: Regional Diplomacy with Afghanistan

International Crisis Group, 30 January 2024 An interesting new report looking at “the Taliban’s regional diplomacy to date” but coming up with little new on this part. More interesting is its analysis of the scopes and motives of the relationships that regional countries – from China to Turkey – entertain with the regime in Kabul. […]

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Two Years in Review: Changes in Afghan Economy, Households and Cross Cutting Sectors

UNDP, 18 January 2024 The report, titled “Two Years in Review: Changes in Afghan Economy, Households and Cross Cutting Sectors”,  provides an assessment of the socioeconomic changes and developments in the country since August 2021. Analyzing data collected by recent household surveys and other sources, the report shows that households, women and girls continue to […]

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Sending Money Home: The impact of remittances on workers, families and villages

Sabawoon Samim

For a country where jobs are scarce and, for many, livelihoods unreliable, sending men from the family abroad to work is an option tried by many families. Remittances, the money those workers send home, are hugely important for the national economy, individual families and communities. In this report, guest author Sabawoon Samim delves into the […]

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The Benefits Of Afghan Women

Alpha Radio Live (Kenya), 7 January 2024 The Kenyan radio broadcast a programme about Afghan women. In it, it also refers – via Thomas Ruttig’s AAN obituary, to General Suhaila Sediq, one of the two women ministers in Afghanistan’s first post-Taleban 1 caninet.

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From policing in Afghanistan to fleeing to Iran: a woman’s journey

Rukhshana, 23 January 2024 A heart-gripping AAN-style ‘daily hustle’ story, from another source, exiled Afghan women’s news platform Rukhshana, telling the gripping story of Badam Gul who went – before August 2021 – from being a fram worker together with her husband to, after his death, to join the women’s police in Balkh, driving taxi […]

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Human Rights Situation in Afghanistan: October – December 2023 Update

UNAMA, 22 January 2024 This is another update on Afghanistan’s human rights situation under the Taleban. UNAMA’s main findings include: The report also looks at “targeted attacks against Hazaras”, “Forced expulsions of Afghans from Pakistan”, corporal punishment and the Taleban’s application of ‘justice.’

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Taliban Rule at 2.5 Years

CTC Sentinel, 20 January 2024 An extensive analysis by American University of Afghanistan’s Haroun Rahimi and USIP’s Andrew H. Watkins in a Westpoint publication, looking at – in the papers two main parts – governance and leadership dynamics, and their “Engaging with the Outside World.” Among their conclusions:

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The Daily Hustle: My life as a refugee – and choosing to return home 

Sayed Asadullah Sadat Roxanna Shapour

After the Islamic Republic collapsed in August 2021, tens of thousands of people rushed to Kabul airport, attempting to leave Afghanistan. Some faced specific threats from the new rulers. Others were fearful of an uncertain future, increased violence and unemployment and hoped for a better future for themselves and their children if they went abroad. […]

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Afghanistan-Untersuchungsausschuss: Die Fragen bleiben

Tageszeitung, 17 January 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this analysis of the work so far of German parliament’s – the Bundestag – enquiry committee about the last phase of German engagement in Afghanistan (in German). The more important of the quotes: Analyst Ruttig recently wrote that the [committee’s] ongoing analysis of the Doha […]

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Repères famine: Afghanistan – le défi de la malnutrition infantile

Fabrizio Foschini Rohullah Sorush

Moyen Orient No. 61, Jan-March 2024 This article is the French version of Fabrizio Foschini et Rohullah Sorush’s AAN July 2023 report “No Food For Hope: Afghanistan’s Child Malnutrition Dilemma in 2023.” It appears here in a special issue under the title “Crise alimentaire et géopolitique de la faim”.

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Neue diplomatische Krise: Iranische Raketen treffen Pakistan

Tageszeitung, 7 January 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at Iranian attacks on Iranian-Baloch insurgent camps in Pakistan, giving background about the Baloch, including about those in Afghanistan. An updated version on Thomas’s blog, including reporting of Pakistan’s retaliation against insugent Pakistani Balochs in Iran and the quick mending of Pakistani-Iranian relations after the incidents (all […]

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Taleban: Frauen „zahlen“ für Nato-Einsatz

Tageszeitung, 12 January 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig summarises the news about the recent Taleban ‘bad hijab’ razzias in Kabul and elsewhere – including that arrested women had reportedly been told that they are made to pay for the ‘US/NATO aggression’ – as well as the IEA’s first publication of numbers of the Afghan prison population […]

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