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Month: August 2023

Einst keine Sicherheit, nun keine Hoffnung

dpa, 14 August AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this article of German news agency dpa on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Taleban’s takeover of power (in German): Trotz der desaströsen Lage erwartet der Afghanistan-Experte Thomas Ruttig keinen baldigen Machtwechsel. “Die Taliban sitzen fest im Sattel.” Oppositionsgruppen, die während der ersten Taliban-Herrschaft […]

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Auf Kurt Becks Taliban-Spuren

Tageszeitung, 14 August 2023 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig writes in the Berlin-based daily about the initiative of a former Afghan diplomats and some SPD politicians to organise an ‘intra-Afghan dialogue conference in Germany in October to bring representatives of the Taleban and ex-President Karzai (and other groups) together – and the hurdles such an initiative faces.

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„Es tauchte die ‚Ursünde‘ auf“

Tageszeitung (taz), 13 August 2023 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, together with taz’s Asia editor Sven Hansen, interviews German MP Michael Müller who heads the German parliament’s enquiry commission looking at the country’s contribution to the Afghanistan mission 2001-21 (in German).!5949655/

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An American flag seen through a broken window from inside a vacant airplane hangar used by the media at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp (picture reviewed by US military). Photo: Brennan Linsley/Pool/AFP, 16 July 2009.

The Last Afghan in Guantanamo: Pressure mounts on US to deal with the remnants of its ‘War on Terror’ 

Kate Clark

It is more than three years since the United States signed its peace deal with the Taleban and almost two since the last American soldier left Afghanistan. Yet the US still insists that the last Afghan it holds in relation to that war – at its prison camp in Guantanamo – would be a threat […]

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The Emergent Taleban-Defined University: Enforcing a top-down reorientation and unquestioning obedience under ‘a war of thoughts’

S Reza Kazemi

Since the takeover around two years ago in August 2021, the Taleban have sought to overhaul and reinvent Afghanistan’s higher education. They have put their affiliates in charge at the ministry and many public universities, created new bodies to promote religious institutions and incorporate them into the higher education system and reshaped curricula with a […]

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