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Month: August 2023

An Ambassador Without a Country: Afghan statesman Zalmai Rassoul is [still] recognized by the UK…

The New Yorker, 13 August 2023 A very interesting piece by Steve Coll, not only portraying Mr Rassoul, a nephew of King Amanullah, but also describing the life and relations with host countries of Afghan diplomats appointed by the collapsed Afghan Islamic Republic, with some notable quotes: “When I’m asked who you are representing, I […]

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Im Treibsand – oder: Noch immer kein „Endgame“ in Sicht für afghanische Ortskräfte

NachDenkSeiten, 30 August 2023 In this analysis on the German policy blog, the author quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in the context of the still dragging German government’s relocation programme for former Afghan employees as saying that Germany ‘has a duty to deliver’ here.

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Extensive but not Inclusive: Afghanistan’s growing list of national holidays

Fabrizio Foschini

August has already seen two days of national public holidays in Afghanistan and will see a third this week, celebrating the anniversary of the departure of the last United States troops on the 31st. That follows the celebration of Taleban forces’ entry into Kabul on 15 August 2021, which sealed the fate of the Islamic […]

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Profitieren die Taliban? Das Dilemma der Helfer in Afghanistan

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 29 August 2023 The author in one of Germany‘s leading dailies, Tobias Matern, quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig here, as saying – in the context of the discussion about whether seek diplomatic channels with the Taleban – that “[humanitarian] aid has priority over reaching political aims” (in German).

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Afghanistan’s new media law submitted to supreme leader for approval

Khaama, 25 August 2023 Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the de facto administration, revealed that the country’s new media law draft has been finished and forwarded to the supreme leader for approval. He underscored its adherence to media principles. … Mujahid stated that roughly 70% of the draft is from the old law. Changes were […]

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Wie geeint sind die Taliban? Kabuls Machthaber diskutieren intern über Frauenrechte

Tagesspiegel, 22 August 2023 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German) discussing Taleban-internal differences of opinion and the question whether their regime should be isolated or contacts keep open. He argues that complete isolation could put millions in jeopardy of starvation. The absence of diplomatic EU member-state presence, while there is a EU office could […]

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Taliban bringing water to Afghanistan’s parched plains via massive canal

The Washington Post, 20 August 2023 A reportage from the site of the Qushtepe canal, meant to be one of the largest development projects in Afghanistan under the Taleban and one to alleviate the continuing drought in northern Afghanistan, pointing out the string of problems related to its implementation: lack of expertise in the emirati […]

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Mit den Taliban verhandeln?

“Bundestalk” podcast of taz daily, 18 August 2023 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is one of the guests in this podcast of Berlin daily Tageszeitung (taz) discussing the world’s difficult relationship with the Taleban regime: talking with the ‘de facto authorities’ or boycotting them because of their dismal human/women rights policies? How to aid a population under […]

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What Do Young Afghan Women Do? A glimpse into everyday life after the bans

Jelena Bjelica AAN Team

Since coming to power, the Taleban authorities have issued many edicts, decrees, declarations and directives limiting, restricting, suspending or banning basic freedoms for women and girls. Afghan women are no longer free to go to public parks, gyms and other public spaces and are banned from boarding planes and leaving the country on their own; they cannot […]

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Podcast: Mit den Taliban verhandeln?

taz, 16 August 2023 Listen to a podcast (in German) discussing the current situation in Afghanistan and ways for the international community how to deal with the Taleban, with taz Asia editor Sven Hansen, migration editor Cem Güler and AAN’s Thomas Ruttig.

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Should world leaders start talking to the Taliban?

BBC, 14 August 2023 Along with Afghan women and western diplomats, AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here: “There’s a lot of distrust, even disdain, between sides who fought each other for years,” says Kate Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. “The Taliban think the West still wants to corrupt their nation and the West doesn’t […]

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