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Month: March 2023

Afghanistan Humanitarian Needs Overview 2023 (January 2023)

UNOCHA, 23 January 2023 Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis with a very real risk of systemic collapse and human catastrophe. In addition to unimaginable human costs, this humanitarian crisis is reversing many of the gains of the last 20 years, including around women’s rights. The end of the 20 year armed conflict between […]

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Rache des Islamischen Staats? Selbstmordanschlag auf einen Taliban-Gouverneur

Tageszeitung (taz), 10 March 2023 In the Berlin-based daily, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig analysis the (now) ISKP-claimed suicide attack that killed the Taleban’s Balkh governor Mulla Muzammel and provides some background – and even more in his blog, here (in German).

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Hijab: A multi-layered dilemma in Afghanistan

The Leaflet, 9 March 2023 This article quotes AAN research on the Taleban’s hijab prescription: Afghanistan does not have a strict dress code and a specific hijab to follow. According to the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent non-profit policy research and analysis organisation, “[i]t has been extremely rare for Afghan woman, even in recent years, to choose to be […]

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Women bear brunt of Afghanistan job losses

ILO, 8 March 2023 New ILO figures show that in Afghanistan, in the fourth quarter of 2022, female employment was estimated to have been 25 per cent lower than in the second quarter of 2021, before the Taleban’s second takeover. Male employment levels are down seven per cent in the same period.

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A Worsening “Human Rights Crisis”: New hard-hitting report from UN Special Rapporteur

Kate Clark

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, has said the Islamic Emirate is increasingly flouting “fundamental freedoms, including the rights of peaceful assembly and association, expression and the rights to life and protection against ill-treatment” and is “ruling Afghanistan through fear and repressive policies.” He also said […]

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Confronting Climate Change — and the Taliban — in Afghanistan

Undark, 5 March 2023 In this article in an online magazine by Ruchi Kumar, AAN research by guest author Assem Mayar is quoted and linked: “The consequences of higher temperatures are serious,” wrote Assem Mayar, a water resource management expert and former lecturer at Kabul Polytechnic University in a 2022 post published by Afghanistan Analysts Network, a […]

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