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Month: December 2022

Fehler beim Afghanistan-Engagement bereits zu Beginn

Bundestag, 13. December 2022 Short summary at the website of German parliament about hearing in the Bundestag’s enquiry commission on Afghanistan focussing in this session on the 2001 Bonn conference, with a link to the testimony given there by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German).

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Mawlawi Mehdi, insurgencia y dinámicas de poder en Afganistán

Atalayar, 8 November 2022 This analysis of the anti-Taleban uprising of erstwhile pro-Taleban (then killed) Hazara commander Maulawi Mehdi from Balkhab quoted from various AAN analyses authored by Thomas Ruttig (in Spanish).

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Francesc Vendrell obituary: Effective United Nations peace negotiator who brought about dialogue between warring parties in many international crises

The Guardian, 5 December 2022 Jonathan Steele’s obituary for head (in his last years) of AAN’s advisory board, an outstanding diplomat with outstanding achievements who, in his youth, was an activist against Franco’s dictatorship in his homeland Catalonia: disbanding of the CIA-backed “contras”; brokering a deal in El Salvador leading to a ceasefire and free […]

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The Daily Hustle: Going to the bank

Roxanna Shapour Rama Mirzada

In the wake of the Taleban takeover in August 2021, the Afghan banking system, which up to then had been linked to the global banking network, collapsed. Reportedly very little money had been left in the treasury, and then overnight, the United States stopped flying in dollars, the central bank’s reserves held in the US […]

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