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Month: August 2022

Afghanistan: Auf dem Weg zum Gottesstaat – Bilanz nach einem Jahr Taleban-Regime

WeltTrends, August 2022 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig takes stock of Afghanistan’s political, socio-economic and security situation one year after the Taleban’s second takeover of power for the Potsdam-based foreign policy journal (in German, behind a paywall: €1.50).

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The Afghan Women Left Behind

The New Yorker, 24 August 2022 AAN research, on the debate in th international aid community about ‘working with’ or isolating the Taleban, is quoted briefly in this article: In July, a report by Afghanistan Analysts Network found that aid organizations have scaled back their activities because of funding shortfalls, and that donors are concerned […]

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The Cost of Victory: How the Taleban used IEDS to win the war, despite the misgivings of some

Sabawoon Samim

During their long and ultimately successful insurgency, the Taleban, like their foreign enemies, were faced with choices over battlefield tactics, between military effectiveness and trying to win over, or at least not alienate, local people. As insurgents, the Taleban were up against well-drilled foreign forces with advanced weaponry and a monopoly on air power, but […]

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Afghan Economic Crisis Worsens as Taliban Mark Anniversary

Voice of America, 13 August 2022 AAN’s Roxanna Shapour is quoted here: The donors are “facing a dilemma,” according to Roxanna Shapour of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, adding that they want to assist Afghanistan, but “they are not sure how to engage with the Taliban.” Shapour noted that the international community does not recognize the […]

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Ein Jahr Afghanistan unter den Taliban: Ideologie statt Pragmatismus

Tageszeitung, 13 August 2022 In this weekend issue of the Berlin-based daily, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks back at one year of the second Taleban regime in Afghanistan (in German). He concludes: So far, the Taliban have been “still dominated by the ideology of pragmatism,” as the Afghan journalist Fazelminullah Qazizai writes. (…)It is unclear whether […]

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Transition to a New Political Order: AAN dossier takes stock of Afghanistan’s momentous year

AAN Team

It is almost a year since the departure of the last foreign forces from Afghanistan, the collapse of the Republic and its armed forces and the Taleban’s capture of power. It is almost a year, as well, that the Taleban have been ruling Afghanistan. AAN has reported on every step of the way, on the […]

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Who Opposes the Taliban? Old Politics, Resistance and the Looming Risk of Civil War

Fabrizio Foschini

ISPI, 11 August 2022 This article by AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini is a contribution to a dossier published by the Milan-based Italian Institute for International Political Studies and edited by Giuliano Battiston and Nicola Missaglia, titled “Afghanistan, One Year Later.” He looks at three groups in particular, the political that “lack[s] the means to effectively influence Afghan […]

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Misery and disease conquer Afghanistan a year into Taliban rule

AFP/France24, 10 August 2022 AAN’s Roxanna Shapour is quoted here on the issue of how to support the Afghan population and not strengthening the Taleban regime: Over the past year, would-be donors have grappled with the conundrum of funnelling fresh funding to the ailing nation, which the Taliban rebranded the “Islamic Emirate” in line with […]

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Afghanistan und der Strafgerichtshof: Verzögerte Gerechtigkeit

Tageszeitung, 8 August 2022 An abbreviated version (in German) of Ehsan Qaane’s AAN text on the debates in The Hague’s ICC about who is representing Afghanistan there and what that means for justice for Afghans in the Berlin-based daily, as a guest commentary.

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Economic Causes of Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Crisis

HRW, 4 August 2022 A useful overview over the current humanitarian situation in Afghanistan plus questions and answers on th US sanctions and banking restrictions on the Taleban which in reality hit the Afghan people indiscriminately. HRW sums up: “Economic Crisis Underlies Mass Hunger”. The following questions are answered: How serious is the humanitarian situation […]

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A still file image from a video released by al-Qaeda’s media arm as-Sahab and obtained on 8 June 2011 courtesy of the Site Intelligence Group shows the now late Aiman al-Zawahri in characteristic finger-wagging mode as he gives a eulogy for slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a video released on jihadist forums. Photo: Site Intelligence Group/AFP.

Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Kabul: What might be the repercussions for the Taleban and Afghanistan?

Kate Clark

President Joe Biden has announced the killing of the leader of al-Qaeda, Aiman al-Zawahri, in a drone strike. Zawahri was central to the founding of al-Qaeda, the intellectual and organisational force behind the group, key to the decision to attack US targets in east Africa, the Gulf, New York and Washington DC, and deputy and […]

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Faith and Vengeance: the Islamic State’s War in Afghanistan

NewLines, 1 August 2022 In this new study on IS’s franchise in Afghanistan and the death of its leader Zia ul-Haq Zia aka Abu Omar Khorasani, its authors Fazelminallah Qazizai and Chris Sands mention that it has also been informed by “studies from organizations including the Afghanistan Analysts Network, the Center for Middle East Policy […]

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