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Month: July 2022

The flag of the fallen Islamic Republic of Afghanistan among the flags of all the state parties at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Photo: Ehsan Qaane, taken in March 2016, but an ICC spokesperson said, it still hangs there.

Delaying Justice? The ICC’s war crimes investigation in limbo over who represents Afghanistan

Ehsan Qaane

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have still not made a decision to authorise, or not, the resumption of the court’s war crimes investigation in Afghanistan, ten months after the ICC Prosecutor urged them to expedite their approval. It means that, 16 years after the ICC began to look into Afghanistan, it has still yet to […]

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The Trans-Afghan Railway Line: Back on Track?

The Diplomat, 26 July 2022 A new attempt is made to construct a railway line connecting Uzbekistan and Pakistan through Afghanistan, this time with the Taleban on board. The project is facing a set of problems, however: funding, security issues and the problem of the tracks’ gauge. Uzbekistan is using the Russian gauge (which is […]

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Menschenrechte in Afghanistan: Morde, Folter und Gewalt

Tageszeitung, 22 July 2022 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig summarises the latest UN report about Afghanistan’s human rights situation under the Taleban (in German).

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Arbitrary Power and a Loss of Fundamental Freedoms: A look at UNAMA’s first major human rights report since the Taleban takeover

Kate Clark

UNAMA has published its first major report on human rights in Afghanistan since the Taleban came to power on 15 August 2021. It covers a multitude of issues, including detentions, torture and extrajudicial killings, the rights of women and girls and civilian casualties. One recurring theme is the arbitrary way the new administration often works […]

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AAN wishes prosperity and stability for Afghanistan at Eid al-Adha


This year, Eid al-Adha[1] has once again coincided with very difficult times in Afghanistan. Many Afghans are facing economic hardship, poverty, and unemployment as the country’s economy struggles to regain lost ground. Afghanistan remains in the grip of a devastating drought for the third year running. Many families are mourning the loss of loved ones […]

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Afghanistan’s Climate Woes Worsen Under the Taliban

Fair Planet, 6 July 2022 The environment-focussed website quotes from guest author Mayar’s AAN piece: Commenting on the state of the environment in the Taliban’s Afghanistan, Mohammad Assem Mayar, a researcher at the Afghanistan Analysts Network, stated that ruptured ties with erstwhile donors and the international system in general have torpedoed many activities aimed at mitigating the […]

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Donors’ Dilemma: How to provide aid to a country whose government you do not recognise

Roxanna Shapour

It has been ten months since the Taleban took control of Afghanistan, setting off economic collapse on an unprecedented scale that has seen millions of Afghans fall into extreme poverty. While the Taleban continue to snub calls from Western capitals to respect human rights, including the rights of Afghan girls and women, donor countries have […]

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Allahs Ordnung auf Erden: Afghanistan unter Taliban-Herrschaft

Tageszeitung, 3 July 2022 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks back at the Taleban’s Grand Ulema Conference in Kabul and its repercussions (in German). He sees a further step towards the institutionalisation of the Emirate, under the formula “sharia plus internal unity plus [utopian] autarky”. And Taleban amir Hebatullah still able to plaster over internal disagreements.

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