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Month: February 2022

Who Gets to Go to School? (3): Are Taleban attitudes starting to change from within?

Sabawoon Samim

In the last of our three reports on the Taleban and education, especially of girls, we turn to what seems to be a relatively new trend. Guest author Sabawoon Samim* has been looking at views of girls’ education within the Taleban movement and finds it notable that some Taleban are now seeking out school and […]

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Taliban Are Collecting Revenue — But How Are They Spending It?

USIP, 2 February 2022 Although economic and humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan continue to deteriorate, the Taliban have taken some positive steps toward financial stability by publishing a fiscally responsible three-month budget and raising considerable amounts of domestic revenue — especially through customs duties, which have risen with a crackdown on corruption.  However, this budget raises several questions: […]

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Qatar’s Humanitarian Diplomacy in Afghanistan: A Bridge With the West

Inside Arabia, 7 January 2021 A rare article on the foreign policy of one of the emerging Arab players – here Qatar – on Afghanistan.

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