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Month: January 2022

Who Gets to Go to School? (1): What people told us about education since the Taleban took over

Kate Clark AAN Team

Taleban policy towards women and girls is one of the prisms through which the movement has been studied – and judged – ever since the Taleban first came to power in the mid-nineties. A touchstone for many Afghans and outside observers was whether, after capturing power nationally in August 2021, they would allow girls to […]

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One technocrat from the former government is key to the Taliban’s [aid] efforts

Washington Post, 18 January 2022 Pamela Constable’s portrait of Nazir Kabiri, owner of a master’s degree in economics; founder of Afghan think the Biruni Institute; deputy minister for policy at the Finance Ministry under President Ghani; a Tajik – and one of the few high-ranking officials who remained in his position under the Taleban. On […]

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A Community Under Attack: How successive governments failed west Kabul and the Hazaras who live there

Ali Yawar Adili

The Hazara-Shia community in west Kabul city, particularly its sprawling neighbourhood Dasht-e Barchi, has been the target of some of the city’s deadliest attacks, especially since 2016. The community has particularly been hit hard in west Kabul, but Hazaras and Shias have also been persistently targeted elsewhere in Afghanistan. While the former government promised to […]

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Afghanische Menschenrechtskommission: [Shaharzad] Akbar legt Amt nieder

Tageszeitung, 10 January 2022 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig writes this portrait of Shaharzad Akbar who recently stepped down from her position in the chair of Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (in German).

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Migrants Meet Smugglers in Serbia: Is the Balkan Route Really Closed?

EU Today, 6 January 2022 A strange quote – this UK-based website uses, in a recent article, a quote from a 2017 AAN report as if recent: ‘It is assessed that at any moment, there are at least 500-600 people in transit in Belgrade’ Afghanistan Analysts [sic] reported.

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Head of the Culture Department in Ghazni, Mullah Habibullah Mujahid stands with toher Taleban next to a section of a wall of a former US military base with the names of US soldiers in Ghazni. Photo Hector Retamal/AFP, 15 November 2021

War, War, War: A look at which AAN reports you were reading in 2021

Kate Clark

AAN publications in 2021 were dominated by our efforts to understand the conflict and the failing peace process. More than 40 per cent of our reports last year dealt with war and peace. For our readers, the subject was even more important: among our most-read reports, more than 70 per cent focussed on the conflict. […]

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Afghanistan in World Literature (V): Two French portraits

Fabrizio Foschini

Over the years, AAN has written about how Afghanistan is portrayed in the literature of other countries. Such portrayals have been instrumental in shaping the views and impressions of the country up to the present and given the continuing influence of outsiders on Afghanistan, it seems important to map this literature. In this report, AAN’s […]

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